A National Mortgage Release/Discharge Tracking Service

The Service:

When you are paying off a lien, CATICTrac will track, obtain and record the release or discharge for that lien. We also provide our agents with a copy of the recorded releases via e-mail.

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With online order placement, you can start using the service immediately for any lien you are paying off on commercial or residential property nationwide. Simply click here to access the order placement screens.

A Smart Decision for You and Your Clients

When you retain CATICTrac to track, obtain and record the appropriate documents to clear liens you are paying off, both you and your clients benefit.

For You

  1. Improves your profitability by reducing post-closing expenses. 
  2. Frees up your time to focus on revenue generating activities instead of post-closing clean-up.
  3. Enhances your “Clean Desk” security by allowing you to close and move your files to secure storage immediately following the closing.
  4. Gives you Peace of Mind knowing that should your client sell or refinance prior to our clearing the lien, CATIC will issue a new policy without taking an exception for the unreleased lien.

For Your Clients

  1. Peace of mind knowing that CATICTrac’s experienced lien clearing team is working to ensure their title is clear.
  2. Assurance that future transactions will be able to proceed without delay even if they occur prior to the recording of a release/discharge.
  3. Confidence in knowing that their title is being cleared by a company that has been in business for more than 50 years.

Right where you need us

With offices throughout the eastern United States, our local knowledge of the community means we're on the ground and ready to help.

Our sister company, CATIC Title Insurance Company, is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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