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At CATIC®, we understand that you want your transactions to close without undue delay, and that when you encounter title problems, you want solutions delivered quickly and in a professional manner. CATIC coverage provides two sources of recovery: the policy of title insurance and the closing protection letter, which protects you in the event that the closing attorney mishandles your loan documents or funds or fails to follow your closing instructions. CATIC's approachable and experienced underwriting and claims attorneys can help you prevent title insurance claims - or resolve them - if you discover a title defect or other problem. We'll respond to you promptly to help your transaction move forward, because we understand that your success is our business

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With offices throughout the Northeast, Georgia and Florida, local knowledge of the community means we're on the ground and ready to help.

Our sister company, CATIC Title Insurance Company, is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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