CATIC’s Web-Based Conveyancing Program to Make Your Real Estate Transactions Easier

PrepExpress® is CATIC’s customized closing tool, developed in-house by our knowledgeable IT staff, with input from paralegals and attorneys who use the software every day. PrepExpress, along with future updates and enhancements, is offered exclusively to CATIC Agents at no cost. Just one of the many benefits of being a supportive CATIC Agent.

The POLICY portion of PrepExpress allows you to easily:

  • Prepare policy inserts and request electronic jackets
  • Import title search information to streamline and speed policy preparation (only in CT and RI)
  • Create Insured Closing Letters.

The CD portion of PrepExpress:

  • Automatic calculations of tax adjustments, recording fees, conveyance taxes
  • Ability to transfer information to a Disbursement Statement
  • The export of disbursement data for import into QuickBooks.

Additional Features:

  • E-mail CD or Policy Forms directly from PrepExpress
  • 1099-S Forms
  • Borrower/Seller Closing Statements
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WELCOME to the NEW PrepExpress Experience

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CATIC has developed a new component exclusively for our PrepExpress users – eSubmit & eRemit.   This new feature will allow you to submit your policies & remit your premiums to CATIC electronically.   

What are the Benefits? 

EFFICIENCY: The new software helps our agents streamline the policy & payment process - and saves time! 

  • Saves Copies & Supplies - no more hanging around the copy machine and trips to the post office! 
  • Saves Checks - just mark the file disbursements as you do for wires! 

TURN-AROUND: Utilizing the software will expedite policy payment and submission to CATIC. 

  • Streamlines records management process. 

TIMELY: Lenders have begun accepting electronically submitted policies. 

Want to learn more?  Click here. (Agent login required)

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Looking for ease when working with CATIC?

Don't worry - we have an app for that!

CATIC's ezRemit app is available for both IOS & Android platforms.

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This app allows you to remit funds directly to CATIC conveniently from your phone or tablet.   

Simply install the app, create an account and you’re off.   



Become a CATIC Agent today to take advantage of this helpful tool and many other great benefits!   

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