Why Use An Attorney

Looking To Buy A Home? 

Speak With An Attorney.

When a law firm represents a party in a real estate transaction, it performs many separate functions – keeping YOUR best interest front and center.  From making arrangements for the closing, preparing financial summaries of the transactions, gathering information on taxes to ordering releases,  these tasks will all be taken care of – providing YOU with peace of mind at the closing table.

Helpful Hints In Selecting An Attorney


Recommendations are key. Ask friends, family and co-workers for the names of attorneys they have worked with.  If you’re new to the area, reach out to Realtors and Lenders, they’re a great resource.

Don’t break the bank. Select an attorney whose fees fit your budget, whose personal style matches your own, and in whom you can readily place your confidence.

Your local Bar Association is there to help. Reach out and they’ll be happy to give you the names of local attorneys who practice real estate law.

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Top Five Reasons to Speak With an Attorney When You Buy a House

You don't buy a house every day. So when you finally decide on that terrific new home, get off to a good start: Speak with an attorney.

How does using an attorney benefit you? Hundreds of ways. But here are five of the most important:

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